COMMANDER:Frank Jordan
VICE COMMANDER:Harold “Ted” Johnson
ADJUTANT:Kristopher Torrey

Legion of Honor members are Shriners who have served or are still serving in the Armed Forces of our countries. Honorably discharged or retired, volunteer or draftee, officer or enlisted; we are all proud to be doing or having done whatever our countries needed to keep our countries safe. This includes service in our countries’ Armies, Navies, Air Forces, Coast Guards, Merchant Marines, etc. or in their Reserve components.

Our stated objectives are:
“To foster a Spirit of Patriotism, Love of Country and Flag; To perpetuate the memory of our Comrades in Arms who made the Supreme Sacrifice by giving their lives for their country while members of the Armed Forces; To devote our efforts as individuals, and Legion of Honor Units to strive for an increase in Friendship and Cooperation between our Legion of Honor Units and other Units of Shriners International.

Additionally, but just as importantly, being members of Shriners International and the Legion of Honor means that we are also Masons. Every Shriner must first be a Mason and Freemasonry teaches a series of moral and spiritual lessons and obligations designed to make us better men. Some of us are in our twenties or thirties, returned from the middle-east, a peaceful state-side tour, or somewhere we don’t talk about. Some of us are in our forties or fifties, and may have spent time in Viet Nam or southeast Asia. Others are older, having served in Korea or even surviving Pearl Harbor or D-Day. Some of us are retired but many of us work full time supporting families. Still, we find the time to carry “Old Glory” whenever and wherever it’s required, with full military dignity and honor, for parades, ceremonies, and other special occasions.
SO, Is that all there is to it? NO! Like Masonry itself, there’s so much more to it than can be put into words. If you are a Shriner and either a veteran or on active duty, look for a unit near you. Whatever the case, we thank you for visiting our site and invite you to stay and browse to discover more of what we are about.